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Services we Provide

Exterior and Interior Painting | Texture | Wallpaper Removal | Stain and Finish | Sheet rock Repair


Interior Painting:
- wallpaper removal
- ceiling repairs
- knockdown texture - samples provided in desired color
- sheet rock repairs including mudding & taping
- staining and finishing of woodwork - satin, semi gloss or gloss

New or existing home  - all furniture is moved away from the wall, covered with new plastic and returned to it's original spot at completion of job.
Steps we follow for painting inside;
We wipe down woodwork to remove any dust. 
Tape down all woodwork base, door casings and all cabinets. 
Tape is knifed down properly to prevent any paint from getting on woodwork
Repair walls for any cracks or gouges and spot prime all new repairs
All walls receive 2 cut in and 2 rolled coats of paint
All finishes are chosen at the customers' request

Exterior Existing Home Repaints:
Power wash to remove all loose and oxidized paint, dust, dirt,cobwebs and mildew areas.
Scrape all loose paint.  Prime all bare wood and surface cracks
Caulk all doors,windows, fascias, offish and all other trim with 40 year caulk
Mask off or cover as required, all decking fences, concrete, air conditioners and window screens.
Paint base house as required.  Paint all trim 2 coats over all surfaces
Any siding or window repairs will be done on a time/material basis and agreed to by the home owner prior to the start of any work.

Commercial Buildings
Power wash all metal siding to remove chalky surfaces or oxidized paint. All bare metal surfaces will require a metal gripper and a finish paint to provide maximum adhesion.

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